Family Trees

This page gives access to a number of family trees in various formats, genealogical reports and certain other items created by Family Tree Maker:
  • Descendant charts show all people descended from the named person within a number of generations.
  • Pedigree charts show the ancestors of the named person in a direct line to as many generations as are known or will fit on the page - usually five.
  • Hourglass charts show a small number of generations above and below the named person. They usually link different parts of a tree.
  • Reports list all the facts I know about a person and his/her descendants. They include places where they are known to have lived and their occupations. There may also be other notes I have made about the people involved.
  • Timelines are diagrams summarizing the information from a number of censuses. These can show how families come together to form one branch of our trees.

Click the tree symbol to display the item in a separate window/tab. Note that charts that include living persons are only accessible by registered users of the site.

It would be appreciated if any persons downloading files from this site would would let us know their interest via the CONTACT US form. There maybe other information we can share.

Select a Family Group from the list:

Current List, in Name order, includes Woods, Adams, Gaskell, Chowns, Philbey, Vickers, Kelshaw, etc. names
Change Order to: Entry | Name | Year | Type

iAbel London1707Descendants
iDinah Philbey1817Descendants
iDinah Philbey1817Pedigree
iGaskell-Woods1800 ca.Report
iGeorge 1 Philbey1700 ca.Descendants
iJohn 2 Chowns1748Pedigree
iJohn 3 Chowns1793Pedigree
iJohn Kelshaw1790 ca.Descendants
iJohn Vickers1758Descendants
iKelshaw-Woods1820 ca.Report
iPhilbey-Woods1710 ca.Report
iRobert Chowns1600 ca.Descendants
iRobert Gaskell Woods1883Pedigree
iRobert Woods1790 ca.Descendants
iRuth Chowns1856Pedigree
iSabina Adams1888Pedigree
iSamuel 1 Adams1790Descendants
iThomas 4 Chowns1770Descendants
iThomas Gaskell1790Descendants
iWilliam 1 Jellis1747Descendants
iWoods-Woods1800 ca.Report

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