The photograph above, taken in September 1899, shows the Adams family. Samuel and Ruth are great grandparents to all of us; the Gilmores, Hinchleys and Bradshaws.

At the back are Florrie and Samuel Adams. On the middle row are Maretta (know as Retta), Sybil, Sabina and Ruth Adams (ne้ Chowns), At the front is Bertha. All the girls were brought up as part of the Adams family, but Retta, Florrie and Sybil have the surname Chowns. Delve into the site a little more to find those particular skeletons.

My unqualified thanks are due to Topsy Douris who took the first steps in sorting out our tree for me. She has has been an invaluable help to me since I took over the task. This website would not be here without her efforts.

Gilmore-Hinchley-Bradshaw Family Trees

This website presents the family trees and photographs relating to the decendants and antecedents of Samuel Adams and his wife Ruth (ne้ Chowns). The surnames Adams. Gaskell, Woods, Gilmore, Fancourt, Hinchley and Bradshaw, Chowns, Philbey all figure prominently. But people with surnames Howland, Foster, Ashworth, McEniry and many others, may have links to our family.

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December 2013
Recent additions to the website have been prompted by information from David Woods, one of the great-grandsons of Josephus Woods who contacted me via this website - give or take a little technological hiatus along the way. We have swapped a number of emails and he has made available some great photographs found in the estate one of the sons of Josephus, Norman Josephus Kelshaw Woods, including marvellous photos of Robert Woods and Hannah Kelshaw.

That's all for now. If anyone has any vague remembrances of conversation, rumours (especially those) do let me know. Talking of rumours, I almost forgot that there is now a link on the Information page to The Josephus Woods Story, which includes details of his relationship with Eunice!

Regards, Gordon

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Females are identified by their maiden name. This is a convenience that helps in the setting up of the trees and avoids confusion in cases where they might have had more than one spouse.
Step-children who are clearly part of the family are attached as children of the step-parent.
Funny references such as '8e 123' and 'BSW/11/345' are registry indexes for births marriages and deaths. They are there to indicate the source of the data.
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